What is tagnity?

New breath to social e-commerce.

We call us "a bridge". A bridge between online shops and online shoppers. We are not price comparison, we don't compare products. We try to calculate their popularity and give possibility to share them with others.

If you are online shoppers, find products/offers online and share them, follow shops and be aware indiviual campaigns from online shops.

If you are online shop, please add our button to your and contact us to get in touch with your potential customers.

Tagnity is a online catalogue, which contains products/offers from online shops. By tagging, tagnity users can share their tagged products with other users. They can leave comments, ask for comment and can see products tagged by other users.

Tagnity is trying to establish bridge between webshops and tagnity users. By so, tagnity tries to deliver webshop offers/oppurtunities to users.


Adding product/offer to tagnity catalogue.


Liking a product/offer on tagnity


Wanting a product/offer.


Owning a product/offer.

To put a Tag button on your pages, the code looks something like this:

<a href="http://www.tagnity.com/ext/tag-it?country=[COUNTRY]&link=[LINK]&imageLink=[IMAGELINK]&name=[NAME]&price=[PRICE]&currency=[CURRENCY]&$lang=[LANGUAGE]">
          	<img src="http://www.tagnity.com/assets/img/tagnity-logo-small.png" alt="tagnity"/>


[COUNTRY]: Target country, de: Germany, es: Spain, tr:Turkey, ...

[LINK]: Deep link of product/offer. Please set link without session ids.

[IMAGELINK]: Image link of product/offer.

[NAME]: Title of product/offer.

[PRICE]: Price of product/offer.Please use "." as decimal separator. For example: 4.99

[CURRENCY]: Currency ISO 4217 code. Here you can find full list.

[LANGUAGE]: Pop-up window language.